Thorsten Heyer Chartering e.K.


Thorsten Heyer Chartering e.K. ( THC Hamburg ) was founded in April 1996.
Before THC Hamburg was found, Mr. Heyer worked for more than 15 years
as a broker at Petromar Hamburg.
His shipping experience goes back to 1976 when he started as a trainee
with Transnautic Hamburg. He finished his apprenticeship with Messrs. C.F.Ahrenkiel
1979 in Hamburg. Afterwards he worked abroad for Messrs. Glander International
in New York and London as well as for Sunoco Philadelphia.

From November 2003 until April 2008 Mr. Heyer assisted the management
of NSC Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Hamburg as consultant for their chartering
matters during their startup period.

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